Day olds (1 to 3 days old ) hybrid Chicks “sexed as Females”  and Table (Meat) Chicks usually unsexed, These are only Hatched once a month, and orders must be 6+ chicks for Laying Breeds and 10-12+ Chicks for other breeds “depending on time of year.”

You will have to order a minimum of three to four weeks before you plan to collect or receive them, so the eggs can be sat in the incubator.

Day old chicks are for collection only or very local delivery,  But we now can supply and deliver 6 week old Growers chicks.

Day old chicks (1 to 3 days old) will be available :-

Around 18th of January 2022, out of stock.

Around Mid March 2022,  These will need to be ordered by 24th of January, or your order will be carried forward ???- We can still take small orders upto 6 chicks Hybrids Layers only, telephone for availability.

Around Mid May 2022,  These will need to be ordered by 21st of March, or your order will be cancelled, This season we will not have any chicks available after Mid May. (May chicks minimum order of 5-10+ chicks depends on type, smaller orders will be canceled).

Due to new bird flu rules starting in 2021 some chicks (imported coloured hybrid chicks) “Not UK Hatched Commercial Browns” will only be available for collection from over 72 hours (3 days) old, This will be a benefit to the customer as we will take the loses that you seem to get the first few days, and the customer will get a older stronger chick, these will be able to be collected at the same time if buying Commercial Brown chicks, and other type chicks.