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We sell rare breed poultry and hybrids

Welcome to Orchard Poultry and Bees

Based in the lush green fields of Somerset, Orchard Poultry offers a range of poultry for laying, exhibition, ornamental and table purposes. We breed and sell ornamental and rare breed poultry, waterfowl & Guinea fowl and hatching eggs. We only breed from the healthiest and strongest pure-breed stock to provide you with the best birds possible. Most of our sale stock is at Point of Lay (POL for short), but you can contact us to talk about what you want.

As well as our pure bred poultry, we also carry a new range of Hybrid Poultry and these can be found on the Hybrid page.

Our birds are reared with lots of leg-room and grass to run around on; We’ve been advised by our Vets and DEFRA that too many incoming visits risks bringing disease to our girls, so please don’t turn up without arranging things with us first; our primary concern is the welfare of our birds.

We transport your poultry to you by a specialist DEFRA registered courier to ensure the bird’s welfare and make the journey as stress-free as possible for the birds.

Have a browse around the pages for hens, ducks, quail and other fowl; We love our poultry and hope you will too.

We are members of the RBST (Rare Breed Survival Trust) and the BWA (British Waterfowl Association).

All Fully Vaccincated Stock

All our poultry are vaccinated against: Marek’s Disease, Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle Disease, Avian Rhrinotracheitis, Egg Drop Syndrome and Mycoplasma gallisepticum. We are also DEFRA registered.

See more about our vaccinations here

About Orchard Poultry

Here at Orchard poultry, we have been rearing poultry for over 15 years. In the last ten years we deceided to concentrate on pure, rare-breed and other poultry as we find it far more intresting and enjoyable. We hope you find our poultry intresting and enjoyable as you tour around our site. We have tried to provide you with a place where you can choose what you want with ease.

We will sort out all the hassle and problems with delivery, making sure all the birds you purchase reach you infection-free and in top condition. We will be delivering all local poultry ourself, and any poultry to be delivered outside our local area we will be using a top class DEFRA registered poultry courier, who has many years experience and works to the highest standards.

Bird Flu (H5N8) Update

Despite any rumours of the Bird flu outbrake in South Somerset, We have Not got Bird flu, We have Not had Bird flu and We have had our birds tested and sampled by DEFRA Vets for bird flu and no signs of Bird flu has been found.

There has been one case of Bird flu in a neighboring village that was caused by a very well known poultry supplier from Newton St Cyres, Mid Devon, irresponsibly selling a sick infected Drake to a customer from a neighboring village in South Somerset, The Drake arrived sick at the customers premises causing a spread to this persons penned in ducks, unfortunately for this customer although the spread was only to some of there Ducks they have to have all of there poultry destroyed including there Chickens to stop further infection, The person spotted the problem quickly and have reinsured us here at Orchard Poultry that it had not spread outside there Duck pen.

But due to DEFRA Regulations We have to seized all movement of poultry for 30 days from when this occurred on 8/4/22, Poultry movement restrictions will be lifted on the 8th May 2022 in this area, so then business will be as usual, Until then please feel free to Order and reserve any poultry online and we will contact you to arrange collection for when the regulations are lifted.

It is looking likely that poultry will be in short supply this season and at a higher price due to feed cost, but we will be trying to hold our prices at what they are until around the end of May if we can!

Fully Vacinated Stock

When you’re buying poultry, it’s worth checking out what the breeder means by “vaccinated”, as it can be one of those terms that varies greatly in meaning from one breeder to another.

Muscovy Steak and Chips

My Favourite dish, Fresh!! From running around out in the field to cooked on a plate within an hour. These are my favourite ducks, not just that they are quiet and friendly and wandering around the garden like a pet rabbit…


Just thought that I’d let you know that I won 1st prize today for a dark Indian Game hen that I got off you earlier this year at The Royal County of Berkshire (Newbury) Show and thought you’d like to know! Regards,


Just a short note to say the four hens arrived looking bright and healthy this afternoon. They set about investigating their new quarters straight away and so far I am very pleased with them. Malcolm the courier was very helpful, carrying them into the garden for me. First class service! Thanks for all your help.

Leva – Neath, Wales


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Just to say we did what you said and put them in as night. They are a bit wary of each other but not fighting like they did yesterday. We’ve even had our first egg! Thank you for being so kind. It was lovely to be able to go in to see the chickens with the kids and choose. Kind regards.


Rare breed poultry, ducks, pheasants and quail

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Chicken Chuckles

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