Welcome to our videos page. You’ll find helpful hints and tips on caring for your poultry, along with some funny clips and some shots of the poultry who currently live at Orchard Poultry. Have a scroll through and we hope you’ll find this both helpful and entertaining.

Pure Breed Chicks

Newly hatched Day old Pure Breed Chicks just out of the incubator.

New Pen and Pond for the Ducks

Making/digging out a new Pond and building a new pen for the ducks at Orchard poultry with help from Dusty the dog! Clip wings on ducks and release onto new pond.

Vaccinating Chicks

Vaccinating day old pure breed chicks at Orchard Poultry.

Silkies & Polands

Our Point of Lay (POL) Silkie and Poland Bantams at Orchard Poultry.

Deer Wondering Around

Wild Deer (Wildlife) wondering around at Orchard Poultry.

Very Wet Day!

Very wet day, flooding at Orchard poultry, ducks loving it.