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You’ll find Large fowl, Bantams, Hybrids and Waterfowl and Other Poultry of all colours and patterns and information about Poultry that are available now and others that will be in stock later in the year.

All our sale stock have been reared from good quaility pure stock. Hens become available at POL (approx. 16 weeks old) and stay available up to a maximum of around 8 month old. We do not rear many cockerels of the more common laying breeds, but we do rear a small number of cockerels of the rarer breeds. If you want a rare-breed cockerel, please contact us so that we can discuss availability and how to make the purchase. Cockerels are the same price as hens (or sometimes more!). All of our poultry is Fully Vaccinated – see our blog page for full details. If you are looking for a specific breed, our poultry is listed alphabetically for your convenience.