cc. Ashill Bluebelle, Chicks (Hybrid-Layer)


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Day old Hybrid Chicks,

All Guaranteed as females,

Ashill Bluebelle also known as Bluebells, and Beechwood Blue, also similar looking to the Copper Blue Maran, A very pretty and docile heavy bird. Her lovely smokey ash blue plumage makes her an increasingly popular choice for small scale poultry keepers. She will lay upto 220 large brown eggs per year.

Minimum order 6 chicks December to End of June, mixed or same type

50 chicks  July to November.


Breed Characteristics:

Key:  1 = low,   5 = high

  • Class:  Hybrid
  • Purpose:  Laying
  • Laying:  
  • Easiness:  
  • Sociability: