Finest Breeding Stock

We really care about our poultry, making sure they are in tip-top condition, vaccinated and ready to go to their new homes.

The four hens arrived safely yesterday and the chap who lives in the cottage at the end of our drive, and who is a great chicken person told me that they were particularly good specimens. They appear to have settled in well, though I haven’t yet let them go free range into the field. they will do that in a day or two, once they know where their home is. Thank you very much. I am delighted.

Veronica Henty

Thank you Rusty, These are the best Red coloured Silkie’s I have found anywhere, also the Gold Partridge Cochin’s I got from you are a good size Cochin not like some of the smaller types I have come across. Regards.

Reg – Dorset

Geese Hatching Eggs. I would Like to let you know 100% hatch All hatched one after the other on 30th day all very large and very healthy THANK YOU SO MUCH. Kind regards.

Susan – Isle of Wight

Just to say we did what you said and put them in as night. They are a bit wary of each other but not fighting like they did yesterday. We’ve even had our first egg! Thank you for being so kind. It was lovely to be able to go in to see the chickens with the kids and choose. Kind regards.


Just to let you know chickens have just arrived and I am very please with them. Thanks again


Thank you – Our chickens arrived looking healthy and well. they are already laying and we wouldn’t be without them.

James E – Chard, Somerset

Just a quick email to let you know the 2 silkies have settled in well, in fact they settled immediately with my other 2, feels like they’ve been here for years! Beautiful birds especially the blue one, she’s very pretty. Please also convey my thanks to Malcolm for his care and attention while they were travelling, they arrived here in excellent condition along with 2 eggs! Many many thanks again, you were the only one who would help me.

Shona – Kelso, Scottish Border

My husband and I came over from Guernsey in early June and returned with 5 of your hens and 4 quail. I am pleased to say that they have all settled in really well. We are returning our son to Exeter university next week and would like to buy a couple more. When we visited you said you have hens which lay blue eggs and they were in one of the further pens from the track. We would very much like to bring a couple of them back with us. We leave Guernsey on the 16th, returning on the midday boat from Weymouth on the 20th, so would be looking to collect them either on the Thursday night or Friday morning. I look forward to hearing from you. With kind regards,

Trish Smitheram – Guernsey

Just to let you know that “Nibbles” [Silkie F1 cross] has settled in beautifully, she gave the two new girls a bit of a spanking when they arrived yesterday, but today all three have settled down beautifully. We are absolutely delighted with her, she is lovely looking, tough as nails (has chased the cats and the dog) and very quirky and amusing. I highly recommend this mix, you should definitely do more of those and I am pretty sure we are going to come back for some eggs in the summer! Thank you again. Kindest regards.


Just a quick email to let you know the Jubilee Orpington’s are starting to settle in. They have stayed in the coup for the past couple of days away from the others, but have attempted to come out this morning. They are beautiful birds we are very pleased to have them and will be in touch as and when we need to replace our present stock. Thanks once again. Kind regards.


Just a short note to say the four hens arrived looking bright and healthy this afternoon. They set about investigating their new quarters straight away and so far I am very pleased with them. Malcolm the courier was very helpful, carrying them into the garden for me. First class service! Thanks for all your help.

Leva – North Wales

My husband and I came to see you a couple of weeks ago and ended up buying a Cochin, a Barnevelder and a Silkie cross. I’m delighted with all three girls and your advice was excellent for merging these three with our group of four existing hens. They all made quite fuss for about 3 days but are now a happy group with minimum missing feathers. They are all good healthy looking stock and we know where to come if we want more in the future. Thanks again.

Jan & Dennis Hobbs – North Newton

Just to let you know that the hen we collected last night (Tuesday) has laid her first, lovely blue egg! She is suffering a bit of bulling from the Wyandotte but we are keeping an eye on them and giving each of them “run time” alone. See you in July

Michele Sears

The two new birds are now settled in with the flock and the lighter coloured hen has laid an egg every day since she arrived. Very happy with my new girls who as you can see like to sit in the apple tree.

Sue Brown

Just thought that I’d let you know that I won 1st prize today for a dark Indian Game hen that I got off you earlier this year at The Royal County of Berkshire (Newbury) Show and thought you’d like to know! Regards,


I came to buy a silkie and left with a small mixed flock. They are healthy and happy and have settled well. I will definitely recommend Orchard Poultry to others and purchase from you in future.

Chris Sullivan

The bantams are settled in beautifully, we just moved them because a fox has been hassling them the last 2 nights and almost got in to their slightly haphazard cage. Esme has named them Spangle and Rusty and Dusty!! Best wishes,


I recently bought two Orpington Gold Laced Bantams from you and I am very pleased to say that they have settled in really well with my 3 other Bantams. Thankyou for your help , we really enjoyed seeing all your stock in such happy surroundings and we look forward to seeing you in near future. Many thanks,

Lyn Payne

Thank you very much for the barnevelders – they are lovely and we are all delighted with them. They did not arrive until after 6pm, so were somewhat stressed and very thirsty, but they settled in well and are quite relaxed this morning. May come back to you for some hatching eggs next year, if I get a broody. With many thanks and all good wishes,


Just thought I would let you know the girls travelled home quietly and went straight into their new house happily. Had intended to leave them shut in the next day but it was too sunny so they were let out and were very relaxed, contently scratching around the yard and all went back to their house in the evening of their own accord. They look wonderful, you obviously raise happy, healthy, relaxed hens, thank you. Thanks


They arrived safe and sound, and are settling in well. They are all very friendly and inquisitive, and are enjoying exploring the garden. We’re really pleased with them, and the courier was excellent too, arriving just when he said he would. Do you know if they have been wormed recently? We are about to treat the others, but I don’t want to stress the new ones if they’ve already been done. Many thanks for all your help,

Lisa Blackburn

The 6 Barnevelder girls we collected in late August have settled in so well and are delightful. They free range in a ‘woodland edge’ garden with mature native trees, shrubs and wildflowers and enjoy exploring and hunting insects. They have done quite a bit of moulting since they arrived but have remained fit and healthy and prove it daily by leaping up onto high ‘perches’ including the roof of their 6 foot high run, occasioning the erection of temporary barriers to prevent escape – luckily our boundary fences are nine feet high ! This will settle when they become sedate ladies but meantime they are most entertaining and their beauty has been captivating to all who have seen them. Thank you for supplying our lovely girls – we love’ em!

Jenny Colvin

Just a quick note to thank for the lovely Rhode Island Red, Golden Wyandotte and Plymouth Rock Barred hens that I received from you yesterday. They are in fabulous condition and settling in very well with my existing hen. I was a bit nervous ordering online from you but hadn’t been able to find any pure breed suppliers locally with hens available. I shouldn’t have worried, you obviously take great care in your stock and the delivery company you used were excellent, rang me the night before with a one hour time window slot and arrived on the dot of it. Kind Regards


Sorry we didn’t let you know our three Pekins had arrived safely on Thursday – I meant to email you, but I’ve been REALLY busy lately, so kept having to put it off. All 3 of them (Snowdrop, Smokey and Splashes – we must be on an ‘S’ theme) are lovely. I’m amazed how quickly they’re integrating with our other 4 hens – they’re in a partitioned bit of the run whilst we’re at work, but we let them all out when we get home. A bit of chasing now & then, but they’re so small/quick that the antagonists don’t stand a chance! Maybe it’s because they’re really young/still cheeping that the others are being so accommodating? One even pecked Big Bird – who’s massive – the other day, and sent her scuttling off. Poor docile Big Bird! Thanks for lovely hens!