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2021 Keets all sexed as Females

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Keets available Spring/Summer,from £4.50 each day old,£5.50 each week old,contact me for more details* Growers:- 6 weeks old £10:00 each, 16 weeks old £20:00 each unsexed or approx 18 weeks+ £25:00 each Sexed.

There are six species of Guinea Fowl in the wild, three of which are raised in captivity. By far the most common is the helmeted guinea (numida meleagris). The helmeted gets it name from the bony protrusion on top of it’s head. Vulturine guineas (Acryllium vulturine) and crested guineas (Guttera pucherani) are also kept by a handful of fanciers.

Guinea fowls are all highly omnivorous, eating insects, rodents, snakes, and small frogs and reptiles, as well as forage and grain. In fact in Lyme-disease areas they are used quite effectively to reduce tick infestations.

The hens are fairly prolific layers of small/medium dark eggs from early spring through to late summer, but they hide their nests well, around haystacks and bushes.

The adult guinea male is called a cock, he makes a one-syllable sound only: CHI-CHi-Chi-chi.. He is also recognised by having larger wattles than the female and a somewhat larger helmet. The adult female is called the guinea hen, she makes a two-syllable-sound commonly: “buck-wheat, buck-wheat”, she can also immitate the sound of the cock.

The chicks from day olds are known as Keets, as Keets determining the sex is nearly impossible, until they discover their voices at about 8 weeks of age, although wattle size and some actions may suggest the sex of a adult guinea fowl, sound is the sure way to determine the sex.

Colours:- We have: pearls, lavenders, pied, royal purples (blacks) and a rear coral blue (light blue with a petrol shine and no dots on the feathers). We are happy to hatch Keets for you by order but the colours will be as hatched! Otherwise check our hatching eggs section for eggs – at times there will be a small amount of stock on here, mixed colours and sexes as they come!

Prices from £4.50

Breed Characteristics:

Key:  1 = low,   5 = high

  • Class:  Other Fowl
  • Purpose:  Exhibition/Dual
  • Laying:  
  • Easiness:  
  • Sociability:  

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8 week old Pearl, 1 to 4 day old, 6 week old Mixed Colour, 2 weeks old, 10 week old Pearl, 12 week old Pearl, 14 week old Pearl, POL 16 Week old Pearl