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MAINO INCUBATOR 280.  Automatic Turning, 2nd hand in good working order with New spares.

Maino Enrico-Adriano.  Holds 280 Chickens Eggs or Holds arounds 350+ bantams eggs.

Can be used for Geese, Turkeys, Ducks, L/F Chickens, Bantams, Quails or almost anything that hatches from a egg.

Best type of incubator we have used for this scale of hatching, Easy to use, and opens out for easy cleaning or maintenance,

Comes with spare parts for Emergencies that can be done by anyone with basic knowledge of fitting electrics,

Sale includes :- 1 Maino Incubator, with 1 x Goose or Turkey Egg setting turning tray, 1 x L/F Chicken or Duck Egg setting turning tray, + 1 x Bantam or small Duck Egg setting turning tray, + 2 x Quail Egg setting turning trays, = 5 trays + 2 x Hatching Baskets + 1 x Hatching Baskets Lids. and 2 x Spare Extra Chicken Egg setting turning trays, These Turning Trays cost around £50 each and the Hatching baskets with lids are around £75 each, Also includes Spare New Fan Motor and New Heater Element and spare Fuses,  1 x  Hygrometer Digital LCD Temperature Thermometer Humidity Reader.

Collection or I can do local delivery.