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The Buckingham 6 to 12 hens

This is our largest house and run combination.

Measuring 9ft long x 6ft wide x 6ft tall. As standard it comes with 4 internal nest boxes and optional exterior nestboxes are available. The House area measures 6ft x 3ft There is a central pop-hole, double rear doors and lift out perches. There is also a large door at the end of the run for easy access and cleaning. NOTE – This model has been updated and the changes are, the ventilation is now fixed at the rear, the variable vent has been removed as insufficient air flow can happen if closed and full capacity of hens are in the unit, and there is no harm being caused with drafts etc, the front run door panel now has a taller door that fits in to the apex. Further Cladding can be added to The Buckingham if you would like a more enclosed Run. External nest boxes can be added to this unit. Please see Added Extras for more information.


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