Rhode Island Red L/F


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The Rhode Island Red is one of the best dual-purpose breeds and a super choice for poultry keepers. The birds are hardy and are happy to adapt to almost any healthy surroundings, These highly recommended hens are prolific layers of large brown eggs. The Rhode Island Red was developed on the poultry farms in the Little Compton district of Rhode Island USA, around the 1830s, to produce a good utility bird that had excellent egg-laying ability married to a meaty frame. It was only from around 1895 when a poultry breeder named Dr Aldrich started to refine the breed by careful selection of quality red-coloured fowls that the breed really took shape. However the breed only became truly standardised in 1904. It rapidly expanded to become one of the best-known fowl in the world. Rhode Island Reds were exported to Europe as dual-purpose birds long before they were given standard recognition in their country of origin. The breed should be a deep, rich, red colour not the pale reddish buff colour found in most commercial hybrids. A Rhode Island Red should be a large bird, A hen should weigh around 2.5kg and a cockerel no less than 3.6kg.

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Breed Characteristics:

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  • Class:  Large Fowl
  • Purpose:  Dual
  • Laying:  
  • Easiness:  
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