Araucana L/F




Araucana are most famously known as the Blue Egg Layer, also it is a good Layer and being hardy makes a good choice for the novice chicken keeper. Araucanas were initially developed in Chile in the early 1900s by a professor of animal science. He developed them from birds kept for centuries by the Arauca Indians of Chile (The Mapuche tribe). There are two types of Araucana: tailed and rumpless, The rumpless is the slightly rarer of the two, The British developed a tailed version that became standardised in 1969. The tailed variety has muffling around the face inc beards, feathered head crests and both types have a pea comb that is irregular in shape. The breed contains several colour varieties, Some of the most popular one being Lavender, cuckoo, wheaten and Black.

Orchard Poultry have two Large fowl varieties of Araucana: Black and Exchequer(Very Rare) We are the only supplier of the Exchequer Variety in the UK.

Breed Characteristics:

Key:  1 = low,   5 = high

  • Class:  Large Fowl
  • Purpose:  Laying
  • Laying:  
  • Easiness:  
  • Sociability:  

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Black, Exchequer, Blue Mottled,