Runner Ducks


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Known also as Indian Runner Ducks, they are tall, slim ducks with an upright posture. Runner ducks were originally bred in Indonesia to control pests in paddy fields, where farmers would walk the flock of ducks to the field in the morning and home again at night. The first Runner Ducks were brought to England in the 19th century. Consequently, Runner ducks are lively and can cover considerable distances during a day, so need a reasonable amount of space. Runners are excellent foragers and prolific egg layers, sometimes laying more than hens. Runner ducks are friendly and make excellent pets.

Ducklings – None available 2020.


Breed Characteristics:

Key:  1 = low,   5 = high

  • Class:  Duck
  • Purpose:  Exhibition/Laying
  • Laying:  
  • Easiness:  
  • Sociability:  

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