s. Keets, Guinea Fowl Chicks. (Females, Pure-Laying strain)


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Keets,  Guinea Fowl Chicks,  Available from January to June £5.00 each day old,

Sexed as Females  Now 2 weeks old. £7 each.

Pure Laying strain-Minimum order of 6 keets/chicks from January to End of July, 

As well as “tender and tasty” with an increasing demand in the British market for Guinea fowl eggs,  We offer a lighter breed  used mainly for laying/egg production.

The chicks from day olds are known as Keets,  As Keets determining the sex is difficult but can be done by experts, when they discover their voices at about 8 weeks of age is also a good way to tell, although wattle size and some actions may suggest the sex of a adult guinea fowl, sound is the sure way to determine the sex.

They are available All sexed as Females.

Minimum order 6 Keets/chicks January to End of June,

Older Keets (Growers) and adult birds if available will be available on “Other Fowl” Page!


Breed Characteristics:

Key:  1 = low,   5 = high

  • Class:  Pure
  • Purpose:  Table
  • Laying:  
  • Easiness:  
  • Sociability: