Nuc of Local Bees with Mated Queen


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Nuc of Local Bees with Mated 2021 Queen,

Available – Mid June,

Queens will be marked White for 2021,

We will supply you 5 National size frames of 4 of brood and 1 of feed,  A mated laying queen, at this stage in the cycle you will have brood in all stages from eggs to sealed brood across the four frames,  This nuc of bees will need to be put into a hive as soon as possible.

With our Nuc’s we can allow collection or we can deliver via our own poultry couriers right up to around the lower half of Scotland, we will Not be using any parcel company or Royal Mail to deliver Nuc’s their is a delivery charge for our poultry courier service,

Photo of our bees taken 23/3/21, please take note of no Varroa mite visible.

Our Nuc’s will be around £180 + delivery.

Poss also 14 x 12 will be available as well (4 frames)