Hive of Bees (Pine National Hive, 2020 or 2021 Queen)


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Pine Hive of Bees with marked 2021 Queen.  “Available Spring 2022”

New Pine Hives, first filled with Bees end of Summer 2020 and 2021, so fully operational for spring 2022.

We will supply you with a full hive of Bees covering 10 to 11 National size DN4 Brood frames (wired wax) of a mix of Feed, Honey, brood in all stages from eggs to sealed brood across all the frames, and a super of 10 frames with a mix of foundation and drawn comb, that the bees will of started filling with nectar/Honey ,  These will be fully established hives that will be capable of producing a minimum  of one super of Honey and possibly even 2 or 3+ supers this season if placed in a productive area.

The Hive will be Pine (All our Hives inc Pine have got Cedar open mesh floors) and will contain :-

National Cedar Open Mesh Floor with inspection tray and Entrance Block, also a landing ramp,

National Pine Brood Chamber with 11 DN4 Frames

Plastic  Queen Excluder

National  Pine Super with 10 SN1 Frames

National Crown Board

National Pine Shallow 4 inch Roof or the option of National Gabled Roof (Gable roof an additional £30 required)

These Hives are new, less than 2 year old (1st put to use 2019) and all painted so will not have any rot at all,

The Hives will be available in Green, Brown, Red, Orange or Blue depending on what is still available for you to choose from.